Islington Public School

Goodness, Truth, Beauty

Telephone02 4969 3903

About our school

Islington Public School is a small educational and community hub in the inner city of Newcastle with the primary focus on the development and wellbeing of every child. 

We offer an outstanding education. We are proud of our students and the staff who educate them including a range of consultants and support teachers based at the school. We work together to ensure our children are confident, resilient young people. 

In our school, every child is known, valued and cared for. We have a commitment to nurture, guide, inspire and challenge students – to find the joy in learning, to build their skills and understanding, and to make sense of their world. In the early years, it means having confidence that each individual child will be known and understood, and their personal potential developed. As students progress, it means knowing that they are well supported as increasingly self-motivated learners – confident and creative individuals, with the personal resources for future success and wellbeing. 

We are progressive in our approach and delivery of educational services with a strong emphasis on equipping our students with skills for the 21st Century, through the integration of the arts, STEM based approaches and social responsibility. 

We celebrate our unique and diverse population at the school with over 30% of our students arriving as refugees from around the globe. 

We respect and value Aboriginal people as Australia’s First Nation Peoples.

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